Pool consultant


My name is Fabio Signorelli and since 1997 I have been making water dreams come true.

I deal with the design, construction and renovation of swimming pools and water wellness.

Sometimes the word “swimming pool” is an understatement for indicate what I give life to. What I create for my customers are real unique works that combine the desires of those who decide to rely on my advice and what is innate in me and that I have developed in many years of experience.

Water is a prodigy of forms that enhances the beauty and value of a place. For this reason, wherever a swimming pool is inserted, it is important to take into account the landscape and architectural context that welcomes it. The definition of the project always starts from the environment: from the need to live it, understand it, enhance it.

Designing a swimming pool is a work of excellence that requires professionalism, mastery and vocation.

In this site I tell about my passion, my experience and my skills: for those who choose to rely on my guide, the result will be a unique and exclusive swimming pool that, with harmony and creativity, will make even more beautiful what nature has already well done.


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